About US

Sensei Fatih ince was born in Turkey. He started Taekwon-Do in 1976. Mr.ince obtained his black belt on the national Taekwon-Do referee examination in 1979. On 1982, however, he switched to Karate-Do and became Shodan. After attaining many first place prizes from various tournaments throughout the country, he successfully completed the first ‘master trainer’ course in Ankara (SESAM) in 1987. He received the Level 1* Karate-do Trainer certificate from the President of Turkish Karate Federation Mr. ibrahim Oztek and later on, he opened his first official Gym/Dojo; Fatih Spor Okulu-GOJU-RYU KARATE-DO SPOR in Izmir, Turkey. 
After participating and successfully completing many national and international courses and seminars in In 1991, France- Mulhouse, 1993 Sweden, Manchester, England, Spain, Netherlands and Canada, he went on to publish numerous research articles in various newspapers and sports magazines such as Samurai, Karakusak, Genckusak and Siyahkusak. He also appeared on Turkish television Ege-TV; taking part in several discussion panels regarding the true meaning and understanding of the Far-East martial arts. In 1990, he stopped practicing his original style of Karate due to its non-recognition in World KarateFederation (WKF) and took the opportunity to go abroad to research and learn more about Goju Ryu Karate. In 1991, he became the first Turkish member of International Okinawan Goju-Ryu KarateFederation (1.0.G.K.F) Fatih ince was officially invited by the master Morio Higaonna (10th Dan) to the European GASSHUKU, Goju Ryu KarateTrainers’ Coaches and Chief Instructors course in France, Mulhouse . It was a privilege for him to be taught personally by Sensei Higaonna himself. He successfully completed the annual courses and seminars. In 1992, he became a Goju-Ryu Karate-Do instructor and the following year in Stockholm, Sweden he was appointed as a Chief Instructor of the Turkish Goju-Ryu Association, again, personally by Shihan Morio Higoanna. The 13th European Gasshuku (International Chief Instructors Seminar) took place in Spain in 1995 and Mr.ince was then given the legitimate responsibility by Sensei Higaonna for introducing Goju-Ryu Karateto other Turkic Republics and Islamic countries. He then continued on attending International Gasshukus in England on 1997, Holland on 1998, and Canada. As the Turkish representative of |.0.G.K.F., from 1991 to 2000 he ran his own Karate Dojos T.O.G.A. (Turkish Okinawan Goju-Ryu Association) in Izmir, Turkey.
Fatih Ince left Turkey with his family before milenum. He became a Canadian National Referee with the support of the International Referee Sensei Zvonko Celebija in 2003. In the same year he took a part in a Community Center as a Karate instructor. During this time, he managed to learn Kobudo from Kei Tsumura, 8th Dan Shihan whom is the Founder & Chief Instructor of Canada of the Shitoryu-Itosukai Karate and Kobudo Association. Sensei Ince opened his first Canadian Dojo (club) on 2003 in Toronto. At present, he is sick and serious health problem in Toronto, Canada. Mr.Ince is currently residing in Toronto, Canada. He attends every national and international tournament as a Canadian National Referee. In addition, he holds WKF 5″ Dan Black Belt and TCKF’s Level 2nd Karate-Do instructorship.